About the College

Bamanpukur Humayun Kabir Mahavidyalaya (BHKM), West Bengal was established to the cause of higher education for the young in the locality with a hope to build the college as a center of excellence and to nurture human values at a time when the world requires effective and efficient manpower for the sustenance of the planet earth. The College envisions and atmosphere of education which is free from fear, fulfilled with potentialities, thirsty for knowledge and courageous to learn.

The college is committed to the cause of empowerment of the young students through unending access to higher education and enabling them to develop as intellectually vibrant, socially responsible citizens with a strong desire for continuous personal, social, moral and professional development. The objective of the college is to extend the scopes for classes including the remedial classes for the backward students, to conduct timely examinations and evaluations and to attach students with different co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

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